Candy Crush Monopoly

About the project

We crafted a multi-channel experience to deliver a special edition Candy Crush Monopoly to players right at their doorstep. I supported with the user journey mapping, content design for the microsite, UX writing for emails, push notifications, and the physical packaging. We delivered all 1,000 Monopoly boards, averaged a 59% CTOR on the launch email, and got 250 unique and spontanueous email responses from people who recieved their gift.

Candy Monopoly Design Candy Crush Monopoly Flow

What's in it for them

Based on data analytics we identified a select group of highly engaged Candy Crush players. We wanted to acknowledge them and extend the brand experience beyond just digital gifts. This would not only be a "thank you note, but also give them bragging rights with fellow players.

How I helped to solve the problem

Candy Monopoly Box