I'm a Senior UX Writer at King. Yup, the makers of Candy Crush. As part of a product team, I design content that guides players across King’s portfolio of games and delivers real business impact. Before joining King, I was the resident wordsmith at Softonic, Let’s Bonus, and VRTC.

I also teach Storytelling and UX Writing at LCI Barcelona, and I get invited to speak about UX Writing at several meetups, conferences, and events.

When I’m not wrangling words, I spend time with my family, shoot photos with film cameras, and practice pair writing with Sergi Vila as we ramble about user experience on Designfeld.


Tiny words can make a big difference. That’s why I enjoy sharing what UX Writing is all about with design teams, companies, and anyone who wants to get to know the craft better.


I enjoy public speaking. It’s a great way to share what you’re passionate about and connect with all kinds of people.


These are some interesting conversations I've had about what UX writing is all about.

Words are design

I write microcopy that’s clear, concise, and useful.