Bubble Witch Pre-reg

About the project

We provided a way to be one of the first to play the next installment of the Bubble Witch franchise.I supported with the user journey mapping, tone of voice definition, content design for the microsite, UX writing for emails, push notifications, cross-game communications, and chatbot. 62,000 people pre-registered to play the new Bubble Witch 3 Saga game.

Bubble Witch User Flow

What's in it for them

Based on user research and player trends we found that people wanted to have a way to play new King games before anyone else. The idea of creating a pre-registration microsite was to give people the opportunity to be the first to play the new game. Android players would then follow the Google Play flow, but we created a custom solution for iOS players since the App Store doesn’t have the option.

Bubble Witch Chatbot Flow

How I helped to solve the problem

Bubble Witch Mockups